Growing up on the coast of Texas much of my time was spent in and around the water. I had two and four-legged siblings, some small and some large. Water and animals have always been in my life which is probably why both have been prominent in my personal work.

As a kid I was in to art and liked taking pictures of happenings and friends never putting much thought into it. When I started college I knew I wanted to do something creative but wasn’t sure what. After a year of random classes I decided to take an aptitude test. The results came back with photography as number one on the list of career choices. Then I began thinking about creating images.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts  from the University of Texas concentrating in photography. After working as a photographers’ assistant in California and New York I eventually transitioned into working as a freelance photographer never losing site of my personal work along the way. Around 2010 I began teaching photography.

Without a connection, the camera is only a tool. A capture to document. A still reality, until the photographer communicates further, expressing emotion, mood or perception. With LamWood Ranch I want the images to go beyond the time consuming responsibility of care taking, toward the enchanting existence of animals and humans living as they do.

Shelley has work in private and public collections. She has received two Cultural Contracts from the City of Austin as well as a Partners in the Arts and Humanities award. She continues to create and exhibit work while sharing her love for photography through teaching. Shelley teaches many avenues of photography at a variety of schools in Austin and privately. Her work has been published nationally and internationally. She has served as the Director of the DarkRoom Co-op since 1994 and has been teaching swimming since high school.

  Shelley Wood Resume

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